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Joining Instructions


On the day of the assessment, candidates will need to bring with them a photographic form of identification, which is current or within expiry date. Without photographic ID, candidates will not be permitted to take the assessment.

Acceptable forms of identification:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • ECS Card
  • Employer photographic ID card


The AM2/S/E is practical in nature. We recommend you wear comfortable clothing (such as t-shirts, sweaters and trousers) that you do not mind getting a little dirty during your course.

Reasonable adjustments

Should you need us to make reasonable adjustments for any physical impairments, allergies, learning needs, or having English as a second language, etc, please get in touch with us ASAP as we may need to discuss these with NET several weeks in advance of the assessment date.

On the day(s) of your assessment:

Arrival time

On the first day, please ensure that you arrive at the centre at least 30 minutes before the start of the assessment, usually 8am for an 8-30 start. This is to give you time to complete the wellness screening before entering the assessment centre.

To ensure a Covid Secure environment, you will be asked to complete a self-screening assessment before entering.

If you believe any of the following to be true, you will not permitted to start the assessment.

You or anyone in your household has displayed any of the signs or symptoms commonly associated with Covid-19 infection within the past 14 days. These include:

  • Dry cough or sneezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • High temperature
  • Flu like symptoms
  • Loss of taste or smell

You have been in contact with any person within the past 14 days who has, or is suspected to have, contracted Covid-19.

We reserve the right to refuse you access. This screening also applies to PooleAM2 staff.

Covid-Secure Assessment room

The assessment area will be limited to 4 people at any time to ensure safe distancing can be maintained. The majority of the time assessment is being completed, you will be in an assessment area working alone.

Hand washing

You will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer/soap & water prior to starting.


To maintain a Covid Secure training environment, we will regularly sanitise door handles/push plates, & work surfaces. Amongst other products, we will be using 70% isopropyl alcohol spray as this kills the virus within a few seconds.


A minimum of 2m distance between individuals will be observed at all times.

We will be keeping close proximity activity time as short as possible.

Movement around the venue

A minimum of 2m distance between individuals must be observed at all times.

Contact with door handles, push plates, etc., will increase the spread of the virus.


There will be a number of signs and posters to build awareness of:

  • Good handwashing technique,
  • The need to increase handwashing frequency,
  • Avoid touching your face and to
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue, which is binned safely (or into your arm if a tissue is not available).

Toilet areas

To maintain a Covid Secure training environment, We will regularly sanitise door handles/push plates, & work surfaces using 70% isopropyl alcohol spray. This kills the virus almost instantly. The toilets will be supplied with hand soap, single use paper towels, waste bins and hand sanitiser.

Consumption of food & drink

As Covid-19 enters the body via the mouth, eyes or nose, the period of consuming food or drink increases the risk of infection. Therefore, social distancing should be increased during these periods.

Hot drinks will be available as normal.

There is a local burger van positioned on the industrial estate, a Lidl supermarket, Tescos supermarket, Starbucks, Burger King and Subway all within 2 minute drive from the centre.


Disposable gloves will be made available. Gloves should be disposed of carefully in the bins provided.


Can I use my own tools or equipment?

All materials and equipment will be supplied by the assessment centre.

What guidance material or publications can I use?

The following publications will available on the day of your assessment and will be supplied by the assessment centre.

 BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations
 Onsite Guide
 Guidance Notes 3, Inspection & Testing
 IET Electricians Guide to the Building Regs

Candidates are not permitted to bring their own materials to the Assessment Centre.
Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we have missed from our joining instructions or that you are not sure about before your assessment.
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